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Skipping SVP Source Data (End User)

After importing the SVP source data, managers can make adjustments to reflect changes in the account-product hierarchy. For example, an account may no longer be part of your organization, a product may have been discontinued, or a period may not apply to SVP. These adjustments are made by excluding or skipping some of the source data. You can skip data at any level of the hierarchy. For any parent records that you choose to skip, all child records will also be skipped. You can skip data for either Baseline or Shipment data.

NOTE:  The following procedure uses shipment data as the source for the SVP process. Your company may use a different source depending upon its business practices.

To skip source data

  1. Navigate to the Sales Volume Planning screen and either of the following links, as appropriate to your needs:
    1. Baseline. To view the Baseline view.
    2. Shipment. To view the Shipment view.
  2. In the Accounts list, select an account record.
  3. In the Category list, select the product record for which you want to view shipments.

    In the Category Shipment list, the quantity of shipped cases for the selected account-product pair appears.

  4. In the Category Shipment list, select the Skip check box for each period you want to skip. You can skip data at any level.

    NOTE:  Skipping a category causes all products in that category to be skipped. If you do not want to skip all products in a category, you can skip at the product level.

    When the administrator aggregates this data, the periods for which you selected the Skip check box will not be included in the final numbers.

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