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Setting User Properties for Funds

Table 20 lists the user properties configurators must set to control propagation of source products from fund groups to account funds.

Table 20. User Properties For Funds
Parent Object Type
Business Component


There are two user properties that can be set on the business component CS Fund Group as follows:

  • Populate Products value can be Y or N. Default value is N. When the value is set to Y, the source and target products at the fund group level will be populated when the Generate button is pressed to generate account funds.
  • Total Records value is a number, for example, 10. Default value is to use the business service. If the total number of source and target records at the fund group level exceeds this number, the business service process will be used to generate the account funds. Otherwise, the client process is used to generate the account funds.

Functional Area

CS Fund Group

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