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Obtaining Approvals for a Plan

A key account manager can submit a plan for multilevel approval, with each approver changing the status of the plan to signify acceptance or rejection. The end result of a completed approval process is that the status of the deals associated with the plan changes to Committed.

NOTE:  When the status of the deals associated to a plan is Committed, the requested funds are allocated to the plan.

The two final plan status values provided in the standard product both change the status of the associated deals to Committed but differ in the following way:

  • Accepted. Makes the plans records read-only (uneditable).
  • Presented. Does not make the records read-only.

    NOTE:  After the status of a plan is changed to Accepted, it cannot be revised or modified in any way. If a key account manager anticipates the need to make changes to it, the status should be changed to Presented.

To submit a plan

  1. Navigate to the Plans screen.
  2. In the Plan List view, create a new plan record.
  3. In the Status field drop-down list, select Pending Approval.

When a key account manager submits a plan for approval to the regional sales manager, the sales manager decides whether to accept it. If the regional sales manager approves the plan, the sales manager changes the status to Approved-Pending Review. When the plan has received approval from the customer, its status is changed to Accepted or Presented.

To revise a plan

  1. Navigate to the Plans screen.
  2. In the Plan List view, select a plan record, and then click Revise.
  3. Edit the fields as necessary.
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