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Retaining Account Promotions When Deleting Corporate Promotions

When administrators delete a corporate promotion, the associated account promotions are automatically deleted. To retain account promotions, you must modify a link and a business component through Siebel Tools.

Table 17 shows the values you need to set in the Properties area. For instructions on modifying links and business components, see the Siebel Tools Guide.

To retain account promotions when deleting associated corporate promotions

  1. Open Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, select Link.
  3. In the Links list, select CPG Promotion/CPG Plan Account Promotion.
  4. In the Cascade Delete column, select Clear.
  5. In the Object Explorer, open the Business Component folder and select the Multi Value Link subfolder.
  6. In the Business Components list, select CPG Promotion.
  7. In the Multi Value Links list, select CPG Plan Account Promotion.
  8. In the No Delete column, select True.
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