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Creating Corporate Promotions

Brand managers create and maintain corporate promotions. For example, the brand manager of a new fruit-flavored beverage may wish to run a Summer Olympics promotion of the product. The brand manager creates a corporate promotion. The promotion provides information about the recommended method for running the promotion, start and end dates for the promotion, the objective for the promotion, and other details.

Key account managers review corporate promotions when creating promotions for their own accounts. Information included in corporate promotions, such as suggested tactics for promoting products, is useful to key account managers during the account promotion planning process.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Trade Promotions.

To create a corporate promotion

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > Corporate Promotions view.
  2. In the Corporate Promotions list, create a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Period of time for the promotion.

    By default, the Start and End dates for the promotion, shipment, and consumption fields are equal to the start and end dates of the period.


    Name of the promotion. Click the hyperlink to navigate to the Promotion Literature view for this promotion.

    NOTE:  Any account promotion that is based on a corporate promotion relies on the corporate promotion for its name. Before you delete a corporate promotion, be sure to first delete any account promotions that are based on the corporate promotion being deleted.

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