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Adding Products to Promoted Categories

When you have created a promoted category, you associate products with it by putting them on the Promoted Products list.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Trade Promotions.

To add products to promoted categories

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > Corporate Promotions > Promoted Categories.
  2. In the Promoted Categories list, select a promoted categories record.
  3. In the Promoted Products list, create a new record.

    Complete the fields as described in the following table.



    Select a product from the drop-down list.

    NOTE:  This product must be associated with the promoted category.


    Stock keeping unit number of the product. By default, this field is populated.

    Start Date

    By default, the start date of the product.

    End Date

    By default, the end date of the product.


    Select tactics to use for the product. For example, select a feature display or temporary price reduction as a tactic to promote the selected promoted category.

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