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About Accelerators

Keyboard accelerators are implemented using the command architecture. They are configured in Siebel Tools using the Accelerator object, which is a child of the Command object. Since accelerators are mapped directly to commands, the scope of the actions represented may be specific to the currently active applet, or it may apply to the application session as a whole. For example, an accelerator to initiate a new query will have specific focus on the current applet, while an accelerator to invoke the Site Map page is independent of the current application context.

Commands must be loaded into the active menu structure at run time in order to be available. This means that the command represented by each accelerator must be available to the user at a given point in time for the associated keyboard accelerator to be active. For a command to be available to the user, it must be associated with either the application menu or the applet-level menu for the currently active applet.

For more information about command objects, see Creating Command Objects.

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