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Adding a New Keyboard Accelerator

You can add new keyboard accelerators.

To add an accelerator

  1. Make sure the action to be performed by the accelerator is represented by a command object in the Siebel Repository.

    If not, you must add a command object. See Creating Command Objects for information.

  2. Make sure the command to be mapped to the new accelerator is included as part of the active menu hierarchy, at either the application or applet level, for the application contexts in which the accelerator will be active.
  3. Navigate to the Commands object in the Object Explorer view.
  4. Select the command that you want to modify.
  5. Expand the Command object type, and then select the Accelerator child object.
  6. Add a new record.
  7. Specify the key sequence.
  8. Specify the display name to be associated with the accelerator.
  9. In the Platform field, specify the keyboard enablement mode or modes for which this accelerator will be active.
    • Extended for extended mode only
    • Basic for basic mode only
    • All for both modes
  10. Compile and check-in the project.

Keyboard accelerators for commands related to the Siebel Communications Server are configured through administrative screens in the application. They are not compiled in the Siebel Repository File using Siebel Tools. Any such accelerators defined through the Siebel Communications Server administrative screens will take precedence over accelerators defined in the Siebel Repository File for identical key sequences. For more information, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

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