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About System Fields

System fields are provided in all business components in standard Siebel eBusiness Applications. These fields represent the data from system columns.

Table 37 identifies the correspondences between system fields and system columns.

Table 37.  System Fields and Their System Columns
System Field Name
System Column Name

Id (or blank)


Primary key for the table.



Creation date and time of the row.

Created By


User logon ID of the person who created the row.



Date of last update of the row.

Updated (system field) is updated only when the row with the Updated column in it is changed.

Updated By


User logon ID of the person who last updated the row.

System fields are automatically available to expose or manipulate in business components. You do not need to define them as business component fields. For example, system fields can be referenced in the Field property of controls, list columns, and other object definitions.

NOTE:  Do not change system fields, for example by renaming them. Changing Siebel system fields is not supported.

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