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About Reusing Views

When deciding whether to reuse views or create new views, consider the following:

  • When the requirements for a new view closely align with an existing view, but call for simple changes such as changing the view title, or moderate layout changes, such as displaying a different applet or adding toggles, then modify the existing view.
  • For views that consolidate two existing views, it is recommended that you configure one of the existing views by modifying the existing view object, and then removing visibility to the redundant view using the Responsibility Administration screen.
  • When the requirements for a view do not align with any existing views, create a new view. Typically these are views that expose new functionality configured for your implementation. For example, you may need a view to expose new business objects or business components. In these cases, creating a new view rather than modifying an existing one, will be easier to maintain and upgrade (both manually and automatically).

When copying objects, use the Upgrade Ancestor property. For more information, see About Upgrade Inheritance.

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