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About Reusing Applets

When deciding whether to reuse applets or create new applets, consider the following:

  • Configure existing applets when the requirements closely align with an existing applet but require minor configuration, such as a title change, inactivating or adding controls or list columns, or changing display labels.
  • Create new applets (by copying a similar applet) when the applet represents an existing relationship (for example, opportunity contacts), but requires modification of the applet layout, such as resequencing, inactivating, and adding controls and list columns. The resulting configuration will be much cleaner and easier to maintain and upgrade (both manually and automatically).
  • Create a new applet (by copying an similar applet) when the applet requires different drilldowns in different views.
  • Create new applets when there is no equivalent existing applet. These tend to be applets that expose a new business component.

When copying objects, use the Upgrade Ancestor property. For more information, see About Upgrade Inheritance.

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