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About the Originating Applet of a Dynamic Picklist

The originating applet contains the control or list column that invokes the pick applet. It may also contain other controls or list columns that are populated by the user's selection from the list applet. The originating applet itself requires no special configuration.

Figure 80 is a detail of the originating applet in Figure 78.

Figure 80.  Originating Applet Details
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As indicated in Figure 80, the important property setting for the originating applet is as follows:

  • Business Component. Creates the association between the originating applet and the originating business component.

The important child object definitions of the originating applet are the following:

  • Originating control. Invokes the pick applet, as the result of the user's clicking the drop-down arrow. The originating control has the name of the pick applet in its Pick Applet property. The field specified in the Field property of the originating control is the originating field, and has pick map child object definitions, as discussed in About the Originating Business Component of a Dynamic Picklist.

    The control or list column must have its Runtime property set to TRUE.

  • Controls populated by the pick applet. Each control for which some field in the originating business component is populated by a pick map object definition will be updated when the user makes a selection from the pick applet.
  • Controls unrelated to the pick applet. Other controls in the applet.
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