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Business Services

All of the connector components are Siebel business services. Business services execute predefined or customized actions in a workflow process. Examples of business services include the FINS ACORD XML Transaction Manager, Siebel eAI Adapter, and the FINS ACORD XML Converter.

Siebel business services act on property sets passed to them. They perform business logic operations such as interfacing with a database, interfacing to ACORD-based systems, or transforming one integration object into another.

Business services have object-like qualities, such as methods, method arguments, and user properties. These elements define how a business service can be used. Although business services can be used to perform many different functions, they all have a standard interface.

Siebel Systems, Inc., provides many business services, and you can create your own. Business services are defined in Siebel Tools.

This guide describes those business services used to interface to ACORD-based systems. For more information on business services in general, read Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume II.

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