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External News and Data Do Not Appear on Home Page

Your company has purchased Siebel Content Services and you are able to access the Web from your workstation, but you do not receive external news and data on the home page. In this example, the problem may be that a proxy server is being used to insulate your network from the Internet and is not allowing the Siebel application to pass requests through and return data to the application.

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Resolving Problems with Content Services

Verifying Connectivity with Siebel Content Services Data Host

Verify connectivity with the Siebel Content Services data host using network utilities, such as ping, nslookup, and tracert.

If you do not know the name of the Siebel Content Services data host, you can find it in the license key letter that Siebel Systems sent to your company.

Verifying Your Web Connection and User Credentials

Verify that you have a valid Web connection and that your Siebel Content Services credentials are valid.

To verify your Web connection and credentials

  1. Open a Web browser on your Siebel server.
  2. Enter one of the following URLs:
    • for Content customers:


    Change {eContent_hostname} to the name of your content host.

    • for ContentBroker customers:


    Change {ContentBroker_hostname} to the name of your content host.

    A dialog box appears prompting you for your Siebel Content Services user credentials. You can find your user credentials in the license key letter that Siebel Systems sent to your company.

  3. Enter your user credentials.

    Company information about Siebel Systems should appear. If it does, your user credentials are valid. Skip the next step.

    If you receive an Access Denied message or other type of message, the proxy server may not be allowing access to the Internet.

  4. If you have received an error message, try to access the URL using a browser on a machine that does not go through the proxy server or firewall and repeat Step 1 through Step 3.

    If company information about Siebel Systems appears, then the problem lies with the Siebel server passing through the proxy server to retrieve data through the Internet. Contact your network administrators to resolve the issue.

Verifying Server Configuration

If you could access the Siebel company information using the previous procedure, then the problem may be in the configuration settings for the proxy server or in the Siebel ERM server configuration files.

To test your configuration settings

  1. Start the Siebel developer Web client in your browser.
  2. Open a second browser window at the same time and enter the following URL:


    NOTE:  URLs are case-sensitive.

  3. Enter valid login credentials, and then click Login.

    If external content does not appear, this indicates a configuration problem, either with the proxy server or within the server configuration file.

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