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Modifying Integration Objects for Content Center

Use the following guidelines to modify integration objects to meet content object requirements.

To modify integration objects

  • In the integration object, make sure that the link that defines the parent to child relationships allows update and delete. If the link does not allow those operations, replace it with a link that does.
  • In the integration object user properties, add AdminMode, value Y. This gives the EAI Siebel Adapter permissions to do synchronization against a Siebel database.
    • Disable these types of integration components:
      • All integration components created from Multi-Value Link (MVL) components, unless your business requires that you transfer those multi-values to your production environment.
      • If more than one field is mapped to a table column, all fields except one.
      • For integration components that have file attachments, the field that stores the file revision number. For example, in the Admin Sales Tool integration component, disable the LitFileRev field.
    • In the integration component, disable:
      • All calculated fields.
      • The NoDelete, NoInsert, and NoUpdate user properties.
      • All user keys except the one that is based on the _U1 table user key, which is used for integration between the two Siebel databases.
      • All identification (Id) fields. (Make sure that each field is listed in the Pick Map UpdOnlyIfNull list of its entry in the pickmap for the user key of its join table.)
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