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Configuring Content Objects for Content Center

The content object definition specifies the information that is transferred from the staging environment to the production environment when the content is published.

Content objects are based on business objects and integration objects. Siebel Systems provides some prebuilt content objects which you can use, or configure to meet your business needs. See Content Center Reference for details about the prebuilt content object definitions.

You use content objects to create one or several content types. Each content type is based on a content object, and is associated with an approval workflow and a group of contributors and approvers. For example, from the Product content object, you might create two different content types: Software Products and Hardware Products. These two content types may have different approval workflows, as well as different contributors and approvers. For more information, see Setting Up Content Types.

To set up content objects

  1. Use Siebel Tools to identify or define the business object on which you base the content object. For more information on configuring business objects, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.
  2. Modify the business components to meet the content object requirements. For instructions, see Modifying Business Components for Content Center.
  3. Use the Integration Object Builder wizard in Siebel Tools to create an integration object. For instructions, see Creating Integration Objects for Content Center.
  4. Modify the integration object to meet the content object requirements. For instructions, see Modifying Integration Objects for Content Center.

NOTE:  You do not need to create content objects for content assets. These are provided with the preconfigured product.

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