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Setting Up Content Types

Content types define the business rules for managing a class of content through the creation and approval process.

Each content item is assigned a content type. The content type determines the following for the content item:

  • The approval workflows.
  • Which views are used to preview or edit the content.

A set of predefined content types are provided. You can also create new content types according to your business process, as described in the following procedure.

NOTE:  Do not confuse content types with content asset types. For information about content asset types, see About the Content Asset Types View.

To set up content types

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Content Center screen > Content Types view.
  2. Create a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Unique name of the content type.

    Content Object

    The object chosen from this dialog box specifies the information that is transferred during publishing.

    For more information, see Configuring Content Objects for Content Center.

    Approval Workflow

    Defines the content contribution, review, and approval process for this content type. For more information, see Setting Up Content Center Approval Workflows.

    Content Type Views

    A list of the views used to administer or preview content of this type. These views determine the end-user navigation from the Content Inbox. Examples are the destination views for the Item Reference hyperlink, in Step 2 in the To contribute (create or edit) a content item procedure and the Action hyperlink in Step 3 in the To contribute (create or edit) a content item procedure.


    Determines the drop-down list used to select content of this type.

    Pick Applet

    Determines the pick applet used to select content of this type.

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