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Setting Up Contributors and Approvers

After you set up approval workflows for content objects, you must specify contributors and approvers for the content.

When you create a content type, you assign default contributors and approvers to each sequence number. If necessary, these defaults can be overridden (Content Item detail view) when the content item is created.

To set up a contributor or approver

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Content Center screen > Content Types view.
  2. Select the content type for which you would like to create a list of contributors and approvers.
  3. Click the Contributors and Approvers view tab.
  4. In the Contributors and Approvers list, create a new record.
  5. In the Position field, select a position from the Pick Position dialog box.
  6. In the Sequence field, specify a sequence number for the selected position.

    You can specify multiple positions for the same sequence number. Doing so places the content item into multiple Content Inboxes for this task; however, only one individual is able to complete the task.

  7. In the Comment field, add a default comment for each position.

    Comments are visible to users when they receive the content item in their Content Inbox.

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