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About the Content Project Business Service

The Content Project business service is designed to publish a content project from the staging environment to the production environment or to publish the content items as XML files. In the publication workflow, the Export method of this business service is called, indicating that the content items in the project will be exported from the staging environment. The publishing target is set using two method arguments, specified as workflow properties:

  • Connect String. A Siebel connect string, specified as:


    For example: siebel://siqalab4:2321/siqalab4/SCCObjMgr_enu

    (The exact connect string can be picked up from the eapps.cfg of the publishing target server.) The Content Project business service connects to the specified object manager, such as SCCObjMgr for Siebel Call Center, as the current user and makes the appropriate updates, inserts, and deletes for each content item in the project. These changes are made by the content object in the sequence specified in Siebel Tools for each content object.

  • Export Directory. The name of a file system directory into which the XML should be placed. For example, C:\temp or \\fileserver\publish\export. The directory must exist and be accessible to the object manager. Specifying this property exports the content items within the project as a series of Siebel XML files. The files use the naming convention:
    • Upload content object name.xml—for content items that are to be added.
    • Delete content object name.xml—for content items that are to be deleted in the target system.

NOTE:  Detailed information about the other methods in this business service are given in Content Center Reference.

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