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Setting Up Content Center Publication Workflows

The Content Project business service publishes content projects. It can transfer any data that can be accessed through a business component: both complex database content and unstructured content. Transactional integrity is maintained between all the items in a content project.

Project publishing is controlled by workflows. This provides flexibility in the publishing process. When a business manager invokes either the Publish or Request Publish action for a project, the publication workflow associated with the project is instantiated.

Siebel applications provide two predefined publication workflows in the standard product:

  • Content Publish workflow

    This workflow publishes a content project from a staging environment to a production environment. There is only one step in this workflow, which calls the Content Project business service. You may extend this process to meet your specific business requirements. For example, you may create additional workflow steps to integrate with other systems or wait for a specified period of time before publishing.

  • Content Publish to Files workflow

    This workflow is similar to the Content Publish workflow, except that the content project is published to XML files in a specified directory instead of to the production environment.

You can use these processes in your deployment, modify them to meet the needs of your business, or simply use them as a guide for creating your own publication workflows.

For more information on creating or modifying workflows, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

NOTE:  All Content Center workflows should be placed into the Content Center group.

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