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Setting Up News Administrators, Authors, and Approvers

As an administrator, you assign responsibilities to other administrators, content managers and authors, allowing these users to author and approve news stories and access views.

Your Siebel application is preconfigured with several responsibilities specific to Group News, which organizations can use to set up Group News users. Table 10 describes the preconfigured Group News responsibilities.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Group News.

Table 10. Preconfigured Group News Responsibilities

ERM Group News Administrator

Users with the Group News Administrator responsibility can access the Group News Administration views and can perform the following procedures:

  • Create a content path, which includes selecting an approver workflow, defining content stages, assigning approvers, and designating access groups.
  • Edit submitted or completed news stories.

Content Manager

Users with the Content Manager responsibility can access the Group News Authoring views and can author and approve news stories. An ERM Content Manager can approve a specific news story only if the manager is designated as an approver for the content path associated with the news story.

ERM Manager

Users with the ERM Manager or ERM User responsibility can access the News Archive on myPage and departmental portal pages.

ERM User

Users with the ERM Manager or ERM User responsibility can access the News Archive on myPage and departmental portal pages.

To set up Group News responsibilities

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Application > Responsibilities.
  2. In the Responsibilities list, select the responsibility.

    NOTE:  The Views and Users lists at the bottom of the screen list users assigned to the selected responsibility, and the views the user can access. You can add or remove views associated with a responsibility according to your organization's needs, or you can create a new responsibility. For more information on creating and modifying responsibilities, see the Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

  3. In the Users list, click Add, and query to find the user you want to add.

    The user you add is associated with the Group News responsibility you selected.

  4. In the Views list, review the list of views that the user can access, and modify as needed.

    For example, you can remove views by selecting the view and clicking delete or designate the views as read-only by selecting the Read-Only View check box.

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