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Using the Create Content Tool

Using the Create Content tool, you can create rich-text content directly to the page through the integrated HTML editor.

Typically, you would use the Create Content Tool for creating short or simple content, such as captions or labels.

NOTE:  To create complex HTML or large amounts of text, you may prefer to use a third-party HTML or text editing application to create an HTML file, and then place the file's contents on the page using the Insert File tool. See Using the Insert File and the Insert Image Tools.

The formatted text entered and saved in the editor is saved as a content asset in the Content Asset Management's repository. For more information about the content assets, see Content Asset Management.

For general information about the integrated HTML editor, see Fundamentals.

This task is part of Step 4 in the Process of Microsite Management.

To add HTML directly to a page

  1. Open the page you want to edit in the Page Designer:
    1. Navigate to the Microsite Management (or Administration - Microsite) screen > Page Administration view.
    2. In the Page list, click the Page Title hyperlink.
  2. From the Page Designer toolbar, drag the Create Content tool to the position on the layout where you want the new content type to appear.
  3. In the Create Content dialog box, enter a name for the content in the Name field and then click Edit HTML.
  4. In the editor, type and format text, and add links and graphics.
  5. Click Save to save the HTML to the content asset repository and close the HTML Editor.
  6. Complete the fields in the Create Content dialog box.

    Some of the fields are described in the table in Step 3 in the To create a link from a page to an external page procedure.

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