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Process of Microsite Management

This is an example of a simple process flow for Microsite Management. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

  1. Viewing and Editing Page Information (to review the existing structure of the Web site)
  2. Creating a Root-Level Page (to create a root-level page, if necessary)
  3. Using the Create New Page Tool (to create a new page linked to the root-level page)
  4. Using the Page Designer and Its Tools (to edit the page, and add links and other content)
  5. Managing Groups of Page Items (to set access groups and activation dates for content)
  6. Previewing a Page (to preview the new page)
  7. Publishing a Page (to publish the new page)
  8. Deleting a Page (to delete the old page)
  9. Creating and Applying Templates (to edit templates used on multiple pages)
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