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Viewing and Editing Page Information

The Page Administration view includes:

  • The Page Administration Explorer tree.
  • A list of pages, displaying those pages at the level selected on the tree.
  • A More Info form displaying fields associated with the page selected in the page list.
  • A templates list displaying the templates associated with a page.

The root-level pages are the top level of the page hierarchy. All other pages are children of a root-level page or another page.

This structure helps you organize the pages. However, there are no requirements for, or restrictions on, hypertext links between child and parent pages.

The position of a page in the hierarchy is determined by the Parent Page field and the Order field.

Figure 5 shows the Page Administration Explorer tree and the Page list of the Page Administration view.

Figure 5. Page Administration Explorer Tree and Page List Applets
Click for full size image

This task is a step in the Process of Microsite Management.

To find a page in the tree and modify its properties

  1. Navigate to the Microsite Management (or Administration - Microsite) screen > Page Administration > More Info view.
  2. Use the Page Administration Explorer tree to find and select the page whose properties you want to modify.
  3. In the More Info form, edit fields as required.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Page Title

    A title for the page, up to 90 characters long. This title is used to identify the record but does not appear on the microsite.

    Parent Page

    The parent page determines where the page is nested in the page hierarchy.


    Determines the Siebel view that the page is based on. For information about creating new views, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.


    Determines the sequence of the page in its level of the Page Administration Explorer tree.

    Access Groups

    Use this field to restrict read and read-write (select Editor field) access to this page.

    If this field is blank, there are no restrictions on who can view and edit this page, provided they have the view responsibilities for the template view and the Page Designer view.

    If no editor is specified, all the access groups can edit this page.

    If you do not have access to this page, the Page Title hyperlink is unavailable in the Page list.

    Item Approvers

    If one or more access groups are specified for this field, only users who belong can set the status of page items to approved.


    Typically used to describe the page.


    Typically used to enter comments about changes made to the page.

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