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Setting System Preferences for Usage Collection

The system preferences for enabling and configuring usage collection are described in Table 8.

Table 8. System Preferences for Usage Collection
System Preference

UsageTracking Enabled


Set to TRUE to turn on Usage Collection.

UsageTracking Log Time Period


Specify how often a new log file is created.

Allowed values: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

CAUTION:  Set this according to the usage levels you expect. Monthly may create excessively large log files for a high-usage application.

UsageTracking LogFile Dir


Specify the directory path for the log files. Make sure that the Siebel Server has read and write access to the directory.

Example: \\fileserver\directory

UsageTracking LogFile Encoding


Specify encoding for the log file. This is usually set to ASCII.

Some other allowed values are UNICODE, ARABIC, GREEK, and HEBREW.

UsageTracking LogFile Format


Specify the log file format.

Allowed values: CSV, XML, and W3C

UsageTracking Sess Cache Size


Specify the number of session IDs cached. Session IDs (that map to login IDs and IP addresses) are cached so that this data does not have to be looked up for each user action.

Allowed values: 10 to 1000

This task is a step in Process of Usage Collection.

To enable and configure system preferences for Usage Collection

  • Refer to Table 8 and to the section that discusses setting system preferences in Applications Administration Guide.
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