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Data Matching Field Mapping Syntax for the Matching Server

For data matching field mappings for the Matching Server, user property names are labeled as:

SSA DeDuplication Field n, where n is a sequential integer starting from 1.

Each user property value consists of a pair of strings enclosed in double quotation marks and separated by a comma and a space, such as:

"external vendor field name", "Siebel business component field name"

For example, given that the DeDuplication Connector - SSA business component user property is set to "SSA", some of the field mappings for the Account business component are shown in Table 21.

Table 21. Sample Matching Server Data Matching Field Mappings for the Account Business Component
User Property Name

SSA DeDuplication Field 1

"C", "Name"

SSA DeDuplication Field 2

"Country", "Country"

SSA DeDuplication Field 3

"City", "City"

CAUTION:  Make sure there is a comma and a space between the two field values. Data matching and data cleansing can fail if this syntax is not adhered to.

For a list of the preconfigured field mappings for SSA, see Preconfigured SSA Field Mappings.

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