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Data Cleansing

The SDQ Universal Connector supports data cleansing on the Account, Business Address, Contact, and List Mgmt Prospective Contact business components. For each type of record, data cleansing is performed for fields that are specified in user properties for the business component. These user properties specify the mapping between the Siebel field names and the vendor field names. For information about the preconfigured field mappings for Firstlogic, see Preconfigured Field Mappings.

In real-time mode, data cleansing begins when a user saves a newly created or modified record. When the record is committed to the Siebel database:

  1. A request for cleansing is automatically submitted to the Data Cleansing business service.
  2. The Data Cleansing business service sends the request to the third-party data cleansing software, along with the applicable data.
  3. The third-party software evaluates the data and modifies it in accordance with the vendor's internal instructions.
  4. The third-party software sends the modified data to the Siebel application, which updates the Siebel database with the cleansed information and displays the cleansed information to the user.

In batch mode you use batch jobs to perform data cleansing on all the records in a business component or on a specified subset of those records. For data cleansing batch jobs, the process is similar to that for real-time mode, but the batch job corrects the records without immediately displaying the changes to users. The process starts when an administrator runs the server task, and the process continues until all the specified records are cleansed.

For information about running data cleansing batch jobs, see Cleansing Data Using Batch Jobs.

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