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Match Key Generation with the Universal Connector

The SDQ Universal Connector assigns a single key to each account, contact, or prospect record. The key is calculated by reading data from specific fields in the record. The fields used depend on the business component configuration, but they can include account name, postal code, street address, or last name fields.

Beginning with version, the value of the match key depends on a business component-specific Dedup Token Expression, as shown in Table 3.

You can customize the Dedup Token Expression but it must be consistent with the internal matching logic of the vendor, which is different for each vendor. For optimal results therefore, change the values only after consulting the relevant vendor.

In earlier versions of the SDQ product, keys for a Universal Connector implementation were stored outside of the Siebel application, in files on the file system. Beginning with version, keys are stored in the DEDUP_TOKEN fields of the following tables:

  • S_DQ_ORG_KEY (for Accounts)
  • S_DQ_CON_KEY (for Contacts)
  • S_DQ_PRSP_KEY (for Prospects)
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