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Match Key Generation with the Matching Server

For the SDQ Matching Server, multiple keys are generated for each customer record. The number of keys generated depends on the Key Type value in the Data Quality Settings view:

  • Standard. A more exhaustive range of keys is generated as a wider set of permutations is used. This setting overcomes the most variation in word order, missing words and extra words. This is the default value.
  • Limited. A subset of keys is generated as only the most common permutations are used. This setting is useful when disk space is limited, but it reduces search reliability.

As an example, if Key Type is set to Standard, the keys generated for the name John Alexander Smith include:

  • Smith+John+Alexander
  • Smith+Alexander+John
  • John+Alexander+Smith
  • John+Smith+Alexander
  • Alexander+John+Smith

and if Key Type is set to Limited, the keys generated include:

  • Smith+John+Alexander
  • John+Alexander+Smith
  • Alexander+John+Smith

NOTE:  The keys shown here are only illustrative, as the real keys contain encoded values.

For the various types of record, the match keys are stored in the following tables:

  • S_ORG_DEDUP_KEY (for Accounts)
  • S_PER_DEDUP_KEY (for Contacts)
  • S_PRSP_DEDUPKEY (for Prospects)
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