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Upgrading the SDQ Matching Server from Version 7.7

As of version 7.8, the SDQ Matching Server provides updated matching algorithms that include newer rules for matching and support the date of birth field as a matching criterion. The base matching libraries have also been updated with new libraries. You must take into consideration the following points when upgrading from version 7.7:

  • Version 7.8 uses SSA-NAME3 2.4 libraries
  • Key regeneration

    Keys generated with an older version of libraries are not compatible with the newer versions. Therefore, to enable data matching you must regenerate keys as part of your upgrade. For more information about regenerating keys as part of an upgrade, see Generating or Refreshing Keys Using Batch Jobs.

    Before you regenerate keys, determine whether you need different Data Quality Settings, for example, higher Match Threshold values with the new libraries.

  • Match results may vary

    The new matching libraries might produce results that are different from the match results from earlier versions. This is due to the enhanced matching routines that are included in version 7.8 of the matching algorithms. It is recommended that you configure the SDQ Matching Server to reestablish the matching baseline, that is, run batch jobs for key generation and data matching against the legacy data.

  • Existing results are not affected

    If there are unresolved match results stored in the system from previous versions, these results are not affected by the upgrade. However, ongoing deduplication tasks use the newer libraries, so results can vary.

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