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The SDQ Matching Server Libraries

Character and name patterns differ substantially between languages, therefore the matching rules for the SDQ Matching Server are compiled in a set of dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) adapted for different languages or language families. All of these DLLs have the same name (for example, n3sqsb.dll on Windows), but are installed in language-specific subdirectories as shown in Table 6.

By default, the SDQ Matching Server installation uses a generalized matching library that supports a set of Latin1-based languages (languages predominant in the Americas, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand).

In addition, the Siebel installation media includes matching libraries for other languages and code pages. You can retrieve these additional DLLs by installing other language packs on the Siebel Server. Table 7 lists the languages supported.

The SSA Population Codepage user properties of the DeDuplication business service determine which population and code page combination is supported for each language. For example, the SSA Population-Codepage PLK user property has a value of "Poland", "Latin_2_1250". For more information about these user properties, see Preconfigured Matching Server Properties.

NOTE:  The international library intentionally ignores certain words and abbreviations because those words and abbreviations can have a different meaning in other non-Latin1 languages.

For information about code pages, see Global Deployment Guide. For information about installation media and installing language packs, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

Table 7. SDQ Matching Libraries and Supported Languages
Matching Library and Code page
Languages Supported and Language Code


Latin_1_Mixed code page

  • DAN - Danish
  • DEU - German
  • ENU - U.S. English
  • ESN - Spanish
  • FIN - Finnish
  • FRA - French
  • ITA - Italian
  • NLD - Dutch
  • PTB - Brazilian Portuguese
  • PTG - Portuguese
  • SVE - Swedish

Eastern European

Latin_2_1250 code page

  • CSY - Czech
  • PLK - Polish


ARA - Arabic

Chinese (Simplified)

CHS - Simplified Chinese

Chinese (Traditional)

CHT - Traditional Chinese


ELL - Greek


HEB - Hebrew


JPN - Japanese


KOR - Korean


THA - Thai

NOTE:  The SDQ Matching Server does not support the ability to find matches across languages that are not supported by the installed library. For example, English and French data can be compared using the international library, but Chinese and Spanish data cannot be compared because Chinese requires a separate library.

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