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The SDQ Universal Connector Libraries

The SDQ Universal Connector uses standard Siebel business services for data matching and cleansing. These business services invoke a generalized adapter that can communicate with an external data quality application through a set of dynamic link library (DLL) files.

The names of the DLLs are vendor-specific, but must follow naming conventions as described in Vendor Dynamic Link Libraries.

The Siebel installation process copies these DLL files to a location that depends on the platform you are using, as shown in Table 8.

Table 8. Storage Locations for SDQ Universal Connector DLL Files by Platform
Does Vendor Support Multiple Languages?
DLL Storage Locations (Windows)
DLL Storage Locations (UNIX)


For Siebel Server:

For Developer Web Client:

For Siebel Server:


For Siebel Server:

For Developer Web Client:

where language_code is the appropriate language code, such as ENU for U.S. English.

For Siebel Server:

NOTE:  The DLLs for each vendor may be specific to certain platforms or external product versions, so it is important that you confirm with your vendor that you have the correct files installed on your Siebel Server machine.

The SDQ Universal Connector requires that you install third-party applications on each Siebel Server machine that has the object managers enabled for data quality functionality. If you plan to test real-time mode using a Siebel Developer Web Client, you must install the third-party Data Quality software on that machine, as well.

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