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Scenario for Data Matching Using the Value Match Method

This topic gives one example of how you can invoke the Value Match business service method using Siebel Workflow. You can use the Value Match method differently, depending on your business model.

In this scenario, a company needs to add contacts into the Siebel application from another application in the enterprise. To avoid introducing duplicate contacts into the Siebel application, the implementation uses a workflow process that includes steps that call EAI adapters and a step that invokes the Value Match method.

In this case, the implementation invokes the Value Match method as a step in the workflow process that adds the contact. This step matches incoming contact information against the contacts within the Siebel database. To prevent the introduction of duplicate information into the Siebel application, the implementation adds processing logic to the script based on the results returned in the Match Info property set. The company can either reject potential duplicates with a high score, or it can include additional steps to add likely duplicates as records in the DeDuplication Results Business Component, so that they immediately become visible in the appropriate Duplicate Record Resolution view.

For information about how to invoke and use the Value Match method, see Value Match Method.

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