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Preconfigured Account Business Component Field Mappings

Table 32 shows the data matching field mappings for the Account business component.

Some of the input field values are indicated by a lettering nomenclature where different letters indicate standard input types for personal name, company name, address fields, and ID data. For example, Z indicates postal or ZIP code while I indicates a general unique identifier such as the D-U-N-S number for accounts or social security number for contacts. For more information about field mappings for business components using the embedded SSA-NAME3 software, see the third-party documentation for SSA-NAME3 on the Siebel Business Applications Third-Party Bookshelf.

Table 32. Preconfigured SSA Data Matching Mappings for the Account Business Component
User Property Name

DeDuplication Connector - SSA


Dedup Type


SSA DeDuplication Field 1

"C", "Name"

SSA DeDuplication Field 2

"Country", "Country"

SSA DeDuplication Field 3

"City", "City"

SSA DeDuplication Field 4

"State", "State"

SSA DeDuplication Field 5

"Z", "Postal Code"

SSA DeDuplication Field 6

"I", "DUNS Number"

SSA DeDuplication Field 7

"A", "Street Address"

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