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Siebel Data Quality Modes of Operation

In SDQ, data cleansing and data matching operates in both real-time or in batch mode.

In real-time mode, data quality functionality is invoked whenever a user attempts to save a new or modified account, contact, or prospective contact record to the database:

  • For data cleansing, the fields configured for data cleansing are standardized before the record is committed.
  • For data matching, when SDQ detects a possible match with existing data, all probable matching candidates are displayed in real time. This helps to prevent duplication of records because:
    • When entering data initially, users can select an existing record to continue their work, rather than create a new one.
    • When modifying data, users can identify duplicates resulting from their changes.

In batch mode, you can use either the Administration - Server Management screen or the srvrmgr command-line utility to submit server component batch jobs. You run these batch jobs at intervals based on business requirements and the amount of new and changed records.

  • For data cleansing, a batch run standardizes and corrects a number of account, contact, prospect, or business address fields. You can cleanse all of the records for a business component or a subset of records. For more information about data cleansing batch tasks, see Cleansing Data Using Batch Jobs.
  • For data matching, a batch run identifies potential duplicate record matches for account, contact, and prospect records. You can perform data matching for all of the records for a business component, or a subset of records. Potential duplicate records are presented to the data administrator for resolution in the Administration-Data Quality views. The duplicates can be resolved over time by a data steward (a person whose job is to monitor the quality of incoming and outgoing data for an organization.) For more information about data matching batch tasks, see Matching Data Using Batch Jobs.
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