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Example of Enabling and Using Fuzzy Query with Accounts

This topic gives an example of enabling and using fuzzy query. You may use this feature differently, depending on your business model.

In the following example, you enable fuzzy query for accounts, and then enter the query criteria. The query results contain fuzzy matches from the DeDuplication business service in addition to regular query matches.

To enable and use fuzzy query for accounts

  1. Perform the steps in Enabling and Disabling Fuzzy Query
  2. Perform the steps in Enabling Siebel Data Quality at the User Level.

    NOTE:  For this example, set the Fuzzy Query - Max Returned data quality setting to 10.

  3. Navigate to Accounts > Account list.
  4. Enter your query, and then click Go.

    For this example, in the Name field, enter Symphony.

    Up to 10 records having Name = Symphony are displayed.

    NOTE:  If the number of Symphony account records is fewer than 10, then the fuzzy query results includes records where symphony is lowercase (as well as uppercase). For example, if four records for Symphony and 100 records for symphony are found in the database, the fuzzy query result shows four Symphony records and six symphony records. However, if fuzzy query is disabled, only the four Symphony records appear.

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