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Troubleshooting Siebel Data Quality

If data cleansing or data matching is not working properly in real-time mode, check the following:

  • License key. Verify that your license keys include Siebel Data Quality functionality.

    NOTE:  There are different license keys for the Siebel Data Quality Matching Server and the Siebel Data Quality Universal Connector.

  • Application object manager configuration. Verify that data cleansing or data matching has been enabled for the application you are logged into.

    For more information, see Levels of Enabling and Disabling Data Cleansing and Data Matching and Specifying Data Quality Settings.

  • User Preferences. Verify that data cleansing or data matching has been enabled for the user.

    For more information, see Enabling Siebel Data Quality at the User Level.

  • Third-party software. Verify that the third-party software is installed and you have followed all instructions from the third-party installation documents.

If you have configured new business components for data cleansing or data matching, also check the following:

  • Business component Class property. Verify that the business component Class property is CSSBCBase.
  • User Properties. Verify that the DataCleansing or DeDuplication fields have the correct user property values and that the values are formatted correctly. For example, there must be a space after a comma in user properties that have a compound value.

TIP:   Check Siebel SupportWeb regularly for updates to troubleshooting and other important information. For more information about SupportWeb, see Siebel SupportWeb.

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