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Siebel ERM

Table 4 lists the demo users for Siebel ERM.

Table 4. Demo Users for Siebel ERM
Username and Password
Name / Title
Primary Responsibility


Ashley Parker / Product Line Manager

Siebel ERM Administrator

ERM User, Siebel Administrator

Parker is an employee who sets objectives, takes training classes, files SRs. Parker also is an administrator who can perform all administrative functions.


Jason Rubin / Director, Product Marketing

Siebel ERM

ERM Manager, ERM Analytics Manager

Rubin is the person used most frequently in ERM Demos. Rubin is a mid-level manager in the organization who has approval capabilities, a number of layers of employees below him in the organization, view of certain analytics dashboards, and ability to act like an individual contributor.


Mark Salten / Vice President, Information Technology and CIO

Siebel ERM

ERM Manager, ERM Analytics HelpDesk

Salten is a CIO who can view key metrics related to internal HelpDesk performance.


Ed Holden / Senior Vice President, Product Marketing

Siebel ERM

ERM Manager, ERM Analytics VP

Holden is a vice president who approves comp plans, views overall organization analytics, and is Jason Rubin's Manager.


Tom Smith / Chairman and CEO

Siebel ERM

ERM Manager, Executive Analytics User

Smith is an executive who views key analytics and sets the corporate strategy.

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