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Siebel Life Sciences: Medical

Table 22 lists the demo users for Siebel Life Sciences: Medical.

Table 22. Demo Users for Siebel Life Sciences: Medical
Username and Password
Name / Title
Primary Responsibility


Siebel Administrator - MD / Sys Admin - MD

Siebel Medical

LS Administrator

The administrator for Siebel Medical (Medical Products Organization).


Carlos Alex / Engineer - Corrective Action

Siebel Medical

MD Corrective Actions

Alex is responsible for managing corrective and preventive actions.


Paul Allen / Engineer - Product Analysis

Siebel Medical

MD Product Analysis

Allen is responsible for analyzing the root cause of product problem.


Quincy Manny / Quality Manager

Siebel Medical

MD Quality Manager

Manny is a quality and safety manager for investigating adverse events and regulatory reports.


Rob London / Regulatory Liaison

Siebel Medical

MD Quality Manager

London is responsible for managing complaint and adverse events investigation.


Susan Marquez / Marketing Manager

Siebel Medical

PH Marketing Manager

Marquez is responsible for managing marketing campaigns.


Sean Masters / Customer Service Rep

Siebel Medical

MD Customer Service Rep

Masters is a customer service representative responsible for answering customer calls and requests.


Seth Michael / Field Engineer

Siebel Medical

MD Field Engineer

Michael is a field service engineer responsible for managing servicing equipment at customer location.


Sunny Miles / Senior VP

Siebel Medical

MD Executive Analytics

Miles is the executive officer responsible for overseeing the organization's performance.


Steve Miliken / Customer Service Manager

Siebel Medical

Service Analytics Administrator

Miliken is a service manager responsible for both customer service and field service.


Sandy Mitchel / Contracts Manager

Siebel Medical

MD Contracts Manager

Mitchel is responsible for creating, administrating and managing contracts.


Samuel Murphy / Sales Rep

Siebel Medical

MD Sales Rep

Murphy is a sales representative in the Medical Products Organization.


Sue Morgan / Sales Manager

Siebel Medical

MD Sales Manager

Morgan is a sales manager in the Medical Products Organization.

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