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Loading an Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Catalog for Use as an External Table

An EBC is a tool that derives its data from an external relational data source. In Siebel Tools, the structure of the external table is imported using the External Table Schema Import wizard.

EBCs, in conjunction with the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) database connector, allow the ability to construct business components that derive their data from Oracle BI Enterprie Edition. EBCs support Oracle BI as a source for having Siebel Tools import the structure of an Oracle BI Presentation Catalog by reading sources such as an XML file.

NOTE:  Oracle BI integration is read-only; any business components that use Oracle BI as a data source must be configured to support read-only access.

The following procedure generates the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog as an XML file from Oracle BI. Follow these instructions to avoid the Repository Documentation wizard exporting the full repository definition into an XML file, and not only the selected object.

To load an Oracle BI Presentation Catalog for use as an external table

  1. Start the Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool.
  2. Choose File > New and create a new repository file.
  3. Choose File > Import from Repository:
    1. Choose the appropriate repository and click Next.
    2. When requested, type the username and password.
    3. Select Catalog from the drop-down list.
    4. Choose the catalog you want to import into Siebel Tools, then click Add With Children.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Click Finish.
  4. Choose Tools > Utilities, choose Repository Documentation, and then click Execute....
  5. In the Save as Type field, select XML as the file extension.
  6. Give a new name to the file, then click Save.

If you import an XML file that contains several Presentation Catalogs, Siebel Tools creates one external table for each catalog.

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