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Troubleshooting External Business Components

As you create EBCs, it is recommended that you consider the following steps:

  1. Configure EBCs for read and make sure that the data is displayed correctly in the application.

    If the development team feels that some fields require script in order to display correctly then defer the implementation of these fields until testing is complete for a simple read.

  2. Add any data transformation script or configuration required in order to provide read access to the more complex fields for display.
  3. Configure EBCs for update and make sure that the data is stored correctly in the external database(s) and displayed correctly in the Siebel application.

    Do not add any validation logic to the EBC at this time.

  4. Once testing of data update is complete, establish any data transformation configuration or script required to update the fields.

    Make sure that the configuration uses script, which is preferred. However, it is recommended that any data transformation scripts be written on the Pre event.

    Data manipulation configuration and scripts should be attached to Post events.

As part of the troubleshooting process associated with EBCs, increasing the tracing level for a number of component events is suggested.

To increase the tracing level of component events

  1. Navigate to Administration >Server Configuration > Servers > Components > Events and select the object manager being used.
  2. Change the Log Level for the following Event Types to a higher value (the default is 1).

    Initially a value of 4 is recommended.

    • Task Configuration
    • DBC Log
    • SQL
    • Object Manager DB Connection Operation Log
    • General Object Manager Log
    • Object Manager Session Operation and SetErrorMsg Log
    • Object Manager SRF Operation and SetErrorMsg Log
    • Security Adapter Log

Following this change, restarting the affected components is recommended. With the increase log level, more information is stored in the relevant log files. Reset these values back to 1 when troubleshooting is completed.

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