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Usage and Restrictions of Virtual Business Components

The following are the uses and restrictions of VBCs:

  • You can define a business object as containing both standard business components and VBCs.
  • When configuring applets based on VBCs, use CSSFrame (Form) and CSSFrameList (List) instead of specialized applet classes.
  • Using the same name for the VBC field names and the remote data source field names may reduce the amount of required programming. (Optional)
  • VBCs cannot be docked, so they do not apply to remote users.
  • VBCs cannot contain a multi-value group (MVG).
  • VBCs do not support many-to-many relationships.
  • VBCs cannot be loaded using Enterprise Integration Manager.
  • Standard business components cannot contain multi-value group based on VBCs.
  • VBCs cannot be implemented using any business component class other than CSSBCVExtern. This means specialized business components such as Quotes and Forecasts cannot be implemented as VBCs.
  • You cannot use Workflow Monitor to monitor VBCs.
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