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About Using VBCs for Your Business Requirements

The following features enhance the functionality of VBCs to better assist you in meeting your business requirements:

  • VBCs support drilling down from a VBC. You can drill down on a VBC from a standard BC, another VBC, or the same VBC.
  • A parent applet can be based on a VBC.
  • You can define VBCs that can participate as a parent in a business object. The VBC you define can be a parent to a standard BC or a VBC.
  • You still can use an older version of the XML format or property set by setting the VBC Compatibility Mode parameter to the appropriate version. For information, see Table 37.
  • You can pass search and sort specifications to the business service used by a VBC.
  • You can use Validation, Pre Default Value, Post Default Value, Link Specification, and No Copy attributes of the VBC fields.
  • You can use predefined queries with VBC.
  • You can have picklists based on VBC, and use the picklist properties such as No Insert, No Delete, No Update, No Merge, Search Specification, and Sort Specification.
  • You can use the Cascade Delete, Search Spec, Sort Spec, No Insert, No Update, and No Delete link properties when a VBC is the child business component on the link.
  • You can use No Insert, No Update, No Delete, Search Spec, Sort Spec, and Maximum Cursor Size business component properties.
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