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Setting User Properties for the Virtual Business Component

When defining the VBC, you must provide the user properties shown in Table 37.

Table 37. Setting Virtual Business Component User Properties
User Property

Service Name

The name of the business service.

Service Parameters

(Optional) Any parameters required by the business service. The Siebel application passes this user property, as an input argument, to the business service.

Remote Source

(Optional) External data source that the business service is to use. This property allows the VBC to pass a root property argument to the underlying business service, but it does not allow a connection directly to the external datasource. The Siebel application passes only this user property as an input argument.

VBC Compatibility Mode

(Optional) Determines the format of the property set passed from a VBC to a business service, or the format in which the outgoing XML from the XML Gateway will be. A valid value is Siebel xxx, where xxx can be any Siebel release number. Some examples would be Siebel 6 or Siebel 7.0.4. If xxx is less than 7.5, the format will be in a release that is earlier than release 7.5. Otherwise, a new property set, and the XML format will be passed.

If you are creating a VBC in 7.5, there is no need to define this new user property, because the default is to use the new PropertySet from a VBC and the new outgoing XML from the XML Gateway.

For your existing VBC implementation, update your VBC definition by adding this new user property, and setting it to Siebel xxx, where xxx is the version number that you want.

To define user properties

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. Lock the appropriate project.
  3. Click the Business Component folder in the Object Explorer to expand the hierarchical tree.
  4. Select the business component you want to define user properties for.
  5. Click the Business Component User Prop folder in the Object Explorer.
  6. Choose Edit New Record to create a new blank user property record.
  7. Type the name of the user property, such as Service Name, in the Name field.
  8. Type the value of the user property, such as a business service name, in the Value field.
  9. Repeat the process for every user property you want to define for this VBC.

NOTE:  For the list of different property sets and their format, see Examples of the Outgoing XML Format and Examples of Incoming XML Format.

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