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XML Gateway Service

The XML Gateway business service communicates between Siebel Business Applications and external data sources using XML as the data format. For information on XML format, see Examples of the Outgoing XML Format and Examples of Incoming XML Format. The XML Gateway business service can be configured to use one of the following transports:

  • EAI MQSeries Server Transport
  • EAI HTTP Transport
  • EAI MSMQ Transport

You can configure the XML Gateway by specifying the transport protocol and the transport parameters you use in the Service Parameters User Property of the VBC, as shown in Table 38. When using the XML Gateway, specify the following user properties for your VBC.

Table 38. User Properties

Service Name

XML Gateway

Service Parameters

variable1 name=variable1 value;
variable2 name=variable2 value>;...

Remote Source

External Data Source

VBC Compatibility Mode

Siebel xxx, where xxx can be any Siebel release number.

NOTE:  You can concatenate multiple name-value pairs using a semicolon (;), but do not use any spaces between the name, the equal sign, the value, and the semicolon.

For example, if you want to specify the EAI HTTP Transport, you may use something like the following:

"Transport=EAI HTTP Transport;HTTPRequestURLTemplate=<your URL>;HTTPRequestMethod=POST"

You can also implement VBC with MQSeries. The following procedure lists the steps you take to implement this.

To implement VBC with MQSeries

  1. Call the EAI Business Integration Manager (Server Request) business service.
  2. Define another service parameter for the name of a workflow process to run, with the following user properties on the VBC:
    • Service Name. XML Gateway
    • Service Parameters. Transport=EAI Business Integration Manager (Server Request);ProcessName=EAITEST
  3. Define a workflow process, EAITEST, to call the EAI MQSeries Server Transport with the SendReceive method.
  4. Define a new process property, <Value>, on the workflow process, and use it as an output argument on the EAI MQSeries Server Transport step in the workflow process.
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