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SIS OM Pricing Calculator Business Service

The SIS OM Pricing Calculator (PC) business service is a set of methods that implements the back-end calculation engine for the pricing calculator. Different workflows, which provide the business flow of this functionality, invoke the methods.

The two primary methods, Bill Decomposer and Comparison Generator, decompose a utility bill from a prospective customer into the usage breakdown and use that data to determine the comparable internal rate plans that best meet the customer's criteria.

More specifically, Bill Decomposer receives a PC Competitor quote that represents the utility bill from a competitor as input. Based on the details of competitors' rate plans stored in the Siebel database, Bill Decomposer then reverse-engineers the utility bill information to deduce the usage breakdown of this prospective customer. It stores the result in the PC Competitor quote.

The quote is then passed to Comparison Generator, which looks up the internal rate plans to locate those that meet the customer's requirements. Comparison Generator then creates a PC Comparison quote for each of those matching rate plans and uses the Pricing Engine to calculate the potential savings available to prospective customers, if they switch to the rate plans.

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