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Scenario for Accounts in Siebel Energy

This scenario shows a sequence of procedures performed by an end user. Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

A customer service representative (CSR) receives a call from a prospective customer. The inbound call is arbitrarily routed to the CSR, since IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) are unable to locate the account.

The caller explains that he is the owner and CEO of a small company that develops specialized software for the high-tech industry. He wants to use the CSR's company as its sole provider.

The CSR first verifies that no account currently exists for the caller and then gathers the following information about the caller's company:

  • It has these three service locations:
    • The headquarters or administrative office is located in Newcastle, England.
    • A development office is based in York.
    • A sales office is located in Birmingham.
  • All services for the Northern England offices (Newcastle and York) will be billed on a single invoice; however, each location will receive a statement.
  • The Birmingham site will receive its own invoice.
  • The caller wants a discount based on all the services he has at all three locations, and he wants to receive a statement for all services.

Based on this conversation, the CSR creates the account hierarchy shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2.  Account Hierarchy for Business Scenario
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Based on this hierarchy, the CSR must set up the following to establish service for the caller:

  • One customer account for the entire company
  • Two billing accounts (one for Northern England and one for Birmingham)
  • Three service accounts (one for Newcastle, one for York, and one for Birmingham)
  • One billing aggregator account for both billing accounts so that a complete statement can be invoiced

Next, the CSR receives a call from a customer who has noticed that some oil is leaking from a green box in her backyard. The CSR accesses the customer's account to determine what equipment might be malfunctioning and when it was previously checked.

Figure 3 shows the sequence of procedures an end user might perform to manage accounts:

Figure 3.  Example of Sequence for Accounts
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