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Creating an Account Hierarchy in Siebel Energy (End User)

Creating an account hierarchy consists of creating child accounts and associating them with a parent account. You must create the parent account before adding child accounts. For instructions about creating an account, see To create an account.

NOTE:  For mergers or acquisitions, end users might need to move the entire hierarchy under a new account. To do so, follow the procedure described in To change a parent-child relationship. Be sure to associate the new parent account at the top level. The new parent ID automatically cascades to its child accounts, reflecting the change.

To create an account hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen.
  2. In the link bar, click Accounts list.
  3. In the Accounts list, add a record for each child account and complete the necessary fields.
  4. In the Parent field, select the parent account from the dialog box.

To change a parent-child relationship

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen.
  2. In the Accounts list, select the child account.
  3. In the Parent field, select a different parent account in the dialog box.
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