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Setting Up the Invoice Image Feature in Siebel Energy

End users can request the image of a customer's bill from the external billing system, if that feature has been set up by the administrator. The image is returned in HTML format and is not stored within the Siebel application.

To set up the invoice image feature

  1. Navigate to Administration - Integration > WI Symbolic URL List.
  2. In the Host Administration list, add a record and complete this information:


    Name of your invoice host. This is an identifier and should match the Virtual Name.

    Virtual Name

    Name of your invoice host.

  3. From the Show drop-down list, choose Symbolic URL Administration.
  4. In the Symbolic URL list, select the BillStatement record.

    NOTE:  In the Name field, run a query for BillStatement. BillStatement is the name of the control defined in Using Siebel Tools.

  5. In the Bill Statement record, complete this information:

    Fixup Name

    InsideApplet displays the image within the current applet. OutsideApplication displays the image in a new pop-up window.

    Host Name

    Name of your invoice host. Select the name entered in Step 2.


    URL for the bill image to appear.

  6. Restart the application.

    The image now points to the specified URL.

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