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Scenario for Contacts in Siebel Energy

This scenario shows a sequence of procedures performed by a call center manager (administrator) and call center agent (end user). Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

A call center agent receives a call from a customer with a service problem. The agent verifies that the caller is already registered as a contact by using a query on the contact's name. The agent adds information to the customer's contact profile and provides the needed service by creating a trouble ticket without leaving the Contacts screen. The agent then logs the activity. During the call, the customer states an interest in purchasing a particular product, so the agent associates an opportunity with the contact. After the call, the agent sends a follow-up email to the customer to verify that the action was taken.

Figure 6 shows the sequence of procedures that an end user might follow to manage contacts.

Figure 6.  Example of Sequence for Contact Management
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